CEEO - Participación en International Conference "The Theosophical Movement and Globalism Interconnections, Innovations and Comparisons" 8-10 Octubre 2021

Nuestro colega Mgr. Andres Rivero (Universidad de La Habana, Cuba) participará en la siguiente actividad del Programa

October 10, Sunday. 17 hs. GMT.: "Global Visions, Interchanges and Interactions"

17:00 Muriel Pécastaing-Boissière 

"“Ought Theosophists to be Propagandists?”: a Discussion of the Paradoxes of Annie Besant’s Global Missionary Strategies"

17:40 Samanta Viziale 

"The (Sad) Story of the Artist who Wanted to Forge New Theosophical Art"

18:30 Andres Rivero Aponte 

"The Cuban Section of the Theosophical Society.A Path Towards the Institutionalization of Theosophy in Cuba, Central America and the Caribbean"

19:10 Yves Mühlematter 

"Education, Initiation and Theosophy “in-between” “East” and “West”. Annie Besant’s Quickening of Evolution"

19:40 Tim Rudbøg 

"Theosophical Visions of a Future Global Religion"

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